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Examination Results

To show you how well our students perform after following driving lessons with A+ Shifting, here are a few test results that some of our clients allowed us to show you:
APlusShifting - Nan Jiang - Examination Results
Jiang, Nan
APlusShifting - Chistopher Baird Finnigan - Examination Results
Finnigan, Chris
APlusShifting - Geoffrey Arel Hannah - Examination Results
Hannah, Geoffrey Arel
APlusShifting - Sylvie Bertrand - Examination Results
Bertrand, Sylvie
APlusShifting - Natalia Pak - Examination Results
Pak, Natalia
APlusShifting - Hassan Harb - Examination Results
Harb, Hassan
APlusShifting - Shuai Ju - Examination Results
Ju, Shuai
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